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P.1-6 English Activity

  • This year the objective of our school is to nurture students to be a 'HCWB person'. So the theme of KS1 is 'Self-disciplined, polite, caring for each other' and the theme of KS2 is 'Happy, self-motivated, show your ability'. Teachers design some reading and writing activities for students to finish in the cross-curricular week.


Game Booth

  • Arouse pupils’ interest to learn English by participating in the game booth during recess.

English Language Activities

  • Including Tongue Twister Activity, Central Broadcasting Activity and Language Room Activity.
  • Pupils practise their phonetic and listening skills.
  • Pupils enjoy the various activities in a language-rich environment.  

P.1-6 Self-Learning Programme –

  • Pupils do online reading exercises “A Passage a Week” provided by Longman.
  • Enhance learning to read and reading to learn through independent reading.

i) Longman Website

ii) Self-Study Record Book

  • Students’ own records of new words learnt from GE/ readers/ storybooks/ newspaper etc.
  • Student’s own writing related to the topic.

P.2-6 Graded Worksheets

  • Cater for learner differences and cope with pupils’ diversity by designing an additional set of comprehension worksheets.

P.1-6 English Journal

  • Pupils can write on any topics to promote their writing and thinking skills.

School-based Process Writing Programme

  • Process writing is used which focuses on the development of pupils’ writing skills through the various steps involved in drafting, revising and editing a piece of work.

P.3-6 Enhancement Programme

  • A native-speaking teacher is hired to support the teaching of speaking and listening.
  • Encourage pupils to communicate and express themselves in English fluently and accurately in the second language.

P.3-6 Self Reading Programme

  • Pupils read the class-based story books.
  • Promote the development of self learning.
  • Pupils are encouraged to give an oral book report of their favourite book.

P1 & P2 Primary NET Literacy Scheme: Reading and Writing

The NET scheme aims to develop pupils’ literacy skills (reading, writing and phonics) whilst also providing opportunities for oral and listening practice as the scheme is an English-only immersion program.


Shared reading is used to introduce students to the process of reading. Big books are used so that the whole class can read together. Students are exposed to High Frequency Words which account for the most part of English vocabulary. Phonics activities target the letter sounds of the alphabet and students start learning to blend sounds together and sound out simple words. Students practise their phonics skills by reading a series of tongue twisters throughout the year.  Students are introduced to simple writing tasks.


Students reading ability is leveled in P2 so that adapted storybooks can be given to each student. Guided reading is used in class so that students start taking responsibility for their own reading. Phonics focuses on more complex sounds such as clusters, affricates and long vowels. Students are introduced to process writing to improve their writing skills and write about six different topics throughout the year. Values and generic skills are focused upon extensively promoting skills such as cooperation, critical thinking, creativity and self-management.

P.5 & P.6 English Ambassadors Scheme (English Story-telling Activity & Oral Communication)

  • English ambassadors are selected from P.5 and P.6 to tell English short stories to P.1-2 pupils in a small group during recess time. Students communicate and discuss the books and related topics together.
  • A harmonious reading environment is created. Pupils are thus encouraged to develop their reading habit. English oral interaction is also facilitated.


2H陳嘉元 2H周烜慧 2H何浩賢 2H林嘉晴 2H林名進 2H梁梵 2H梁澔霆 2H吳峻豪 2H王逸晴
2H俞卓希 2H翁卓詩 2R區淳恩 2R洪詠壹 2R廖柏然 2R潘冠宇 2G陳鎧雯 2G林晞兒 2G湯鎵睿
2P張忻 2P朱汶晞 2P許栩 2P林正衡 2P李彥泰 2P吳芷柔 2S洪肇希 2S莫灝 2S鄧詠之
2S黃浩然 3H蔡卓瑩 3H何穎澄 3R張鏴正 3R李睿翹 3R梁詠然 3R鄧穎僖 3G陳浩朗 3G廖立昕
3G林琬 3G朱天煒 3P麥梓謙 3P鄭哲泓 3P胡栩菡 3S李軍賢 3S傅星晴 3S王炫燊 3S余尚軒



2H歐陽皓 2H蔡卓瑩 2H何穎澄 2H郭倩婷 2H賴俊廷 2H麥卓賢 2H李軍賢 2H張逸林 2R陳仲朗
2R張鏴正 2R朱天煒 2R方博仁 2R何宗泫 2R羅彩翹 2R梁詠然 2R柯進謙 2R鄧穎僖 2G陳浩朗
2G林琬 2G林俊希 2G廖立昕 2G羅栢迪 2G潘心悅 2G蘇祐萳 2G余尚軒 2G袁承緻 2P丁慧
2P胡栩菡 2P顧天晉 2P郭禮熙 2P黎琰鎵 2P雷曜瑋 2P羅千奕 2P蔡曦陽 2S陳柏熙 2S陳欣琪
2S鍾凱泓 2S傅星晴 2S馮韻靜 2S關承曜 2S林可晴 2S李睿翹 2S李子希 2S吳卓熹  



2H陳之翰 2H陳信僖 2H陳信諾 2H陳筱妤 2H周睿孜 2H張穎姸 2H周海嵐 2H范卓皓 2H范卓陶
2H何彥澄 2H許竣雄 2H洪卓孜 2H甘凱諄 2H甘怡 2H關景月 2H林珈丞 2H梁睿珩 2H駱彥臻
2H唐望之 2H曾盈菲 2H徐梓軒 2H董泀廷 2H溫志睿 2H黃曦怡 2H楊政瞳 2H余文楓 2H余沛瑤
2H袁一丹 2R林沁蓓 2R蔡曉晴 2R馬梓晞 2R董天詠 2G陳懿德 2G周玉玟 2G卓樹里 2P鍾愷祺
2P曲奕澤 2P林子鈾 2P余羲雯 2P戴子皓 2S趙芷加 2S陳紀韻 2S劉臨鋒 2S陳睿淇 2S胡鎧林




68th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 2016

68th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 2016


 First Runner-up   4H YANG SAN YUET


 Second Runner-up   5H HO WING HIN 




67th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 2015



   Champion    4H HO WING HIN


 First Runner-up   3S Chan Chi Hei


 Second Runner-up   6P CHAN CHING HEI





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